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About us

Rayton – №1 in Ukraine by the amount of installed PV systems for businesses.

Rayton strives to make solar power affordable for everyone. Our multi-sided business model allows us to offer excellent solutions for manufacturers and cooperate closely with solar panel dealers. We strongly believe that solar energy will light humankind’s way to a better future, and this belief makes us want to constantly improve our service.
Rayton sells solar panels of the most successful and reputable manufacturers: we have made a conscious decision not to work with brands which have been around for a number of years but haven’t managed to catch up with the leading and most reliable suppliers.

Rayton offers turnkey solar energy solutions in all regions of Ukraine. Our specialists conduct a preliminary site assessment, estimate the required capacity, and select the best components for your PV system.

Our solar power solutions for business are highly functional. Your company’s switch to solar energy will happen smoothly and gradually, in the following stages: consultation, planning, design, equipment selection, installation, and connection to the grid. Check out the “Rayton Business” and “Rayton Partner” pages to find out more about our services.

The clients’ comfort is our top priority!

PV system maintenance and Rayton’s guarantees

All of the suppliers that we work with guarantee uninterrupted operation of their equipment and provide manufacturer warranties. In addition to that, our installation works are covered by a 1-year warranty from Rayton – this warranty service period may be extended upon request. If you happen to encounter any kind of equipment malfunction, our highly qualified specialists will come to the rescue and take care of it within the shortest possible time.

Our clients don’t need to worry about checking equipment performance – Rayton provides the following maintenance services:

  • visual inspection of your equipment in order to discover signs of possible deformation, damages of fastening units, and loss of airtightness;
  • functional testing of automatic protection system elements;
  • electrical connection checks, cable insulation resistance tests;
  • thermographic inspection of inverters and electrical connections;

Product range expansion – keeping you informed about new arrivals

Rayton always keeps its finger on the pulse of renewable energy technologies. We offer up-to-date products that meet all needs and requirements of today’s world.
Your own solar power plant can be a very worthwhile investment with a payback period of less than 5 years. Such a speedy payback is facilitated by the efficiency of your power plant and the energy tariff freeze. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will help you find the most economically viable solution for your business.
Find out more about the benefits of using solar energy on our YouTube channel.

We are an official importer and distributor of top equipment for PV solar power plant systems – that guarantees the best prices and delivery terms for our clients. Our company does not aim to offer the most expensive model if our customers’ expectations can be met with a lower price option.

Is this your first PV system? Have you still got doubts? Are there any questions missed?

We have carefully reviewed our clients’ numerous questions and selected the most relevant ones in order to give you short but helpful answers.