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Rayton — We build Solar Power Plants for enterprises

We are #1 in Ukraine

by the amount of PV systems designed and built


30 years power generation guarantee


Up to 2 years Solar payback period



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RAYTON Business

A new offer for the business. Use solar power to improve the profitability of your enterprise. Our experts will develop the most efficient and profitable solution for your business. Cut your energy costs, save your time, and get the highest returns in the shortest possible time with our turnkey solar power installations.
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If you agree that solar energy is the way of the future, you have come to the right place! Check out our portfolio of projects – it will help you overcome any remaining doubts or fears about switching to photovoltaics.

Our projects

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We run a YouTube channel where we share life hacks and news about the latest products and updates. We aren’t ashamed to even share stories about our own failures and mishaps, since we know that making mistakes is part of the growth process.

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Credit loans for solar stations - it's your opportunity to start saving now without needing a huge start-up investment! Calculate the cost and payback period of a solar power plant using our credit calculator:
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1000+ solar energy projects

15+ years of experience from our specialists

20+ various business types

30 years warranty for power generation

30 GW·h   electricity generated

200+ mil saved by our customers

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you will get:

An easy way to reduce the energy consumption of your company.
Own source of electricity for your business.
The opportunity to grow your business using the funds you saved on your energy bills.

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