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Calculate the cost and payback period for your solar power plant

Rayton’s solar power plant calculator —

It is the easiest and fastest way to calculate the efficiency and profitability of installing a solar power plant. Just input the amount of your monthly power consumption, or your monthly electricity cost, and you will get:

      • Optimal power value of the solar plant that we recommend you to install.
      • Cost of installing the power plant.
      • Amount of electricity saved — monthly and annually.
      • Solar power plant payback period.
      • Projected profit for 30 years.

We offer several calculation options:

      • When installed at your own expense.
      • With the receipt of a bank loan for the full cost of the solar power plant.
      • Obtaining a bank loan with a down payment of 30%.

Either way, you’ll always end up with a nice profit!

This calculation is preliminary, for an accurate calculation and a free solar power plant project, leave your contact details.